Get to know the artist: The Pxrtals


Imagine the sound of Roy Orbison's ghost trekking an ageless forest, and you will find The Pxrtals...

The Pxrtals’ explosive sound roots itself in the world of Lévi’s experiences; a spectral sound informed by his classical violin upbringing into ambient, electronic, and rock n’ roll composition.
The Pxrtals’ spirit bridges 60’s psychedelic rock and contemporary pop, unified by Lévi’s life-worn, passionate croon in creating a dually new and nostalgic sound.

This sound sails an ethereal universe, creating unique musical experiences. Each performance is an uniquely engaging journey to bring wellness to the world through music.

The “x” (as a variable in mathematics) denotes The Pxrtals’ mysterious ethos through the musical spectrum. With the ability to play bombastic, speaker-bleeding rock, intimately raw and whispered folk performances in the afternoon, or enigmatic electronic sets deep into the night, The Pxrtals’ aim is to inspire and entertain audiences with energy and emotion.